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Trenton Indian Service Area

Our service area consists of three North Dakota counties, Williams, Divide and  McKenzie and three Montana counties, Richland, Roosevelt and Sheridan. : We offer direct services to all Native American people in the service area. We do not deny services for any Native American that presents to the clinic with verification of enrollment to a federally recognized tribe. We currently provide Purchased and Referred Care for only Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa’s residing in the service area.



Sponsored by Trenton School

May 17, 2021

(Alternate date in case of inclement weather is May 18, 2021)

What: Cleaning the ditches and rights-of-way along Highway 1804.

Who: Anyone who drives the scenic highway, and anyone who works or lives in this area, anyone willing to help!

Volunteers: Please be dressed for the weather and for outside work by wearing sturdy shoes, long pants, jackets, and sunscreen. Work gloves would be great!

When: May 17, 2021

Where: Highway 1804 from Highway 2 to Fort Union.

Why: We want to be able to enjoy where we live, work, and go to school. We care about our community!!!

Lunch will be provided by Savage, Casino, and Trenton School.

People working together in a community with a shared goal and common purpose can make the impossible possible.

Please call Trenton School at (701-774-8221) to let us know how you will participate and /or donate and to RSVP for lunch.

 Trenton Community Clinic page can be found on top or you can call them at 701.774.0416