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Trenton Indian Service Area

Our service area consists of three North Dakota counties, Williams, Divide and  McKenzie and three Montana counties, Richland, Roosevelt and Sheridan. : We offer direct services to all Native American people in the service area. We do not deny services for any Native American that presents to the clinic with verification of enrollment to a federally recognized tribe. We currently provide Purchased and Referred Care for only Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa’s residing in the service area.

 Trenton Community Clinic page can be found on the top or you can call them at 701.774.0461




Attached is an application for the fuel assistance program. You must be 65 years and older and enrolled in Turtle Mountain.

Applications will not be accepted if not filled out completely and signed before being processed. Only one application per address will be considered and multiple applications for the same address will void all applications for the address. The check will be mailed directly to the utility company. This may be the last year for this program and funds are on a first-come-first-served basis. This program is fully funded by Trenton Indian Service Area. 

Please return this application to our office at the address on the top of the application. If you have any questions, please call either TJ or Candy at (701) 572-8316. 

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