Welcome to Trenton Indian Service Area

Trenton Indian Service Area

Our service area consists of three North Dakota counties, Williams, Divide and  McKenzie and three Montana counties, Richland, Roosevelt and Sheridan. : We offer direct services to all Native American people in the service area. We do not deny services for any Native American that presents to the clinic with verification of enrollment to a federally recognized tribe. We currently provide Purchased and Referred Care for only Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa’s residing in the service area.




Trenton Indian Service Area is recognized as a Governed Nation under Census.

This means if you or any member in the household believe to descend from or, are an enrolled member of a Native American tribe and live in the Service Area you would put down T.I.S.A or, Trenton Indian Service Area in BOX #7  on the Census questionnaire.

Government programs rely on census information to direct resources. Being counted helps ensure funding is disbursed to specific communities and programs in need.

        visit 2020census.gov today.


Do to COVID-19 please call ahead and make appointments with TISA Departments prior to arrival. 

You can call  TISA at 701.572.8316 if you need help obtaining a specific Departments phone numbers. 

 Trenton Community Clinic page can be found on top or you can call them at 701.774.0416

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